NO.2 [業餘舞監筆記本 Producer’s amateur note] 麥克風的種類// The Microphone



手拿MIC ( Handheld Wireless Microphones)



This is the most economical option since most of the venue included it from the basic package. And, most of the speakers are familiar with it. But I don’t like it since I can’t have empty hand during the presentation that you have to hold the clicker and mic at the same time. You also need to be careful the volume that the voice level from each speaker will be different. Also, you will need to avoid the feedback from the lunged speaker.



缺點:請務必注意衣服的種類,為了美觀,必須要提前穿戴MIC,有些衣服會摩擦到發出聲音,也特別注意項鍊這類的飾品會撞擊到麥克風,尤其是有大會識別證的,請提醒講者拿掉。 也必須要提早到後台進行裝麥克風的還有順線的動作,因為很正式的場合,通常會把線收得很乾淨得花點時間。

Clip on Mini Lapel Microphone. (Hands-free Mic)

You will need to send the request first in most of the venue. not sure in other countries, but there is an additional cost in Taiwan in most of the event venues. Since that is hands-free, you don’t need to hold both Mic and Clicker at the same time. And it also helps you look like a professional speaker. BUT, you need to be careful following tips.

1. mini mic will record the sound around the mic that mean the clips, necklace and the objects may hit the mic.

2. You will need to help your speaker to check/review those items above including event badge or pass.

3. you will need to ask your speaker wire the MIC (to hide in the cloth) before the speech starts.




Over-the-ear Microphone/headphone

This is my top one option. I even have my own one. This is the best option compared to hand mic and mini mic. The Mic is much closer to your mouth that won’t interrupt by the items that I listed for the MINI MIC, but you also ensure you won’t have a big earring that may hit the mic.( that really ha ned before.) But I have to say that won’t have a good shot if you need a clean one.


  1. 如果是一般場地麥克風通常是關閉的,開啟後請等待一到兩秒鐘,訊號才會收到,所以不用一直喂
  2. 通常有控台工作人員在地場地的麥克風都已經打開了,當他遞給你的時候,千萬不要把它關掉,他只是混音器沒推上去而已,就講話講到他送聲音出來,不要特別關掉,新的麥克風有些設計會讓你找不到開關。
  3. 現在的麥克風通常都已經很少被蓋台,因為都有數位化跟他的加密頻道,但如果使用很多組麥克風的時候請確認一下是否有重疊到。但彩排沒有被蓋到,不代表正式來不會被蓋到,要隨時注意到。
  4. 隨時檢查麥克風的電量,雖說這個是音訊的工作,但有時候聽到聲音怪怪(斷斷續續)的時候,就要趕快喵一下後台的麥克風接受器上的電量表,現在的數位麥克風都可以監看收音的狀況以及電池電量,當然在大部分的狀況下都不會遇到。但有時候彩排過久,就會忘了換電池的事件也不是沒有發生過。我就看金曲獎轉播的時候覺得聲音怪怪的,馬上發訊系給剛好在後台的朋友,結果沒五分鐘就真的完全沒有聲音。
  5. 上台前講者如果有多餘的設備都要檢查一遍,例如識別證,耳環,領帶夾的位置等等,如果麥克風別好,跟音訊確認一下有沒有收到聲音,有時候講者會按到MUTE的按鈕(跑去上廁所)當然帶著麥克風的時候,請避免講述機密的事情,因為後台都聽得到。下台的時候,請提醒音訊把聲音收掉。
  6. 超級無敵大還有重要的活動請别兩個MIC,以免其中一個失效。(這個在台灣很少看見)或者需要架設延長的天線,避免因為場地太大收不到訊號(例如小巨蛋)

1. you will wait for around 1~2 second after you turn on the microphone.

2. But!! if you have an audio man/control in the venue. Don’t touch the switch, they will take care it. ( if you turn that off again, that will require another 2~5 second to get it back. You have just been muted on the audio mixer.

3. Most of with digital technology to avoid the overlap on the radio frequency. But you audio team need to turn all on to ensure they won’t interrupt.

4. Ensure team checks the battery for the wireless microphone, Audio team actually see the battery status from the receiver. (Check photo above.) Be sure to use the new battery for the very important event.

5. Don’t press the mute button since you will forget to turn it back. And don’t talk any confidential. You can ask the audio team to check your voice again before you on stage. They any isolate the track to listen to your voice again. And ensure your caller to turn on/off the right track for you.

6. if you really have a super important event, prepare the second set of Microphone to avoid any unexpected accidental. Also, you will need to set up the extended antenna if you have the big venue.

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